Federation of Norwegian Aviation industries (NHO Luftfart)

The Federation of Norwegian Aviation Industries (NHO Luftfart) is an organisation that supports aviation industry companies in Norway. The association has over 50 member companies employing over 12.000 people NHO Luftfart is affiliated to the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO). It organises companies within the domain of airline businesses, helicopter services, airports, technical services, ground handling and other aviation related businesses. Objective NHO Luftfart shall strive to develop a stable and healthy regulatory framework, a strong corporate identity and profitability for the aviation industry. Tasks The most important tasks for NHO Luftfart include industrial affairs, labour market and employment policies, and business sector development. NHO Luftfart’s most important task is the provision of services to its members. Core service areas are collective wage bargaining and dealing with labour disputes. NHO Luftfart provides services related to legal issues, Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE), employee education, recruitment and other employment policies. In the political and competitive arena NHO Luftfart focus on policies concerning taxation and charges, and financing the development of infrastructure. Moreover, NHO Luftfart advises on environmental, consumer and competition policies, technical and operational legislation, and the international competitive framework especially related to the EU/EEA, EASA and ICAO. NHO Luftfart commonly serves as a gathering point and spokesperson vis-à-vis politicians, the general public, government authorities as well as the media. Organisation NHO Luftfart was established in 1988, and currently has five employees. We have four sector/regional committees dealing with industrial affairs, operational issues, technical issues and employment policies, all consisting of executives from the member companies. The Federation is governed by the NHO Luftfart Central Board and Executive Committee. Furthermore, NHO Luftfart is represented at NHOs Central Board and Executive Committee. NHO Luftfart is centrally located at Majorstua, Oslo. Director General Torbjørn Lothe Postboks 5474 Majorstuen, 0305 Oslo.


The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO)

The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (in Norwegian Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon; NHO) is Norway’s major organisation for employers and the leading business lobby. Our current membership of 20,000 + companies range from small family-owned businesses to multinational companies in most sectors. The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise – NHO - is the leading voice of business and industry in Norway. Having expert knowledge and an extensive business network, the NHO plays an important and constructive role in the Norwegian society. Our main objective is to create and sustain conditions that secure the competitiveness and profitability of business and industry, and thereby maintain the basis for a good standard of living, sound economic growth and sustainable development. More information: http://www.nho.no/english/